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I have been a professionally trained, movement educator for over 50 years. I also have graduate level training in Social Work (MSW) and in Educational Psychology and Statistics (MS). In my earlier years I was a camp counselor and later a program director with the Boys Clubs of America, in Syracuse, New York. I was a “Program Director” and then “Director” with separate Big Brothers, Big Sisters’ programs, and I have been a school social worker for special needs children. For the past 20 years I have personally conducted regular, ongoing, weekly group classes and regular monthly DJ’d dances. I been an organizer of swing and lindy hop dance events, including weekend-long events with live bands, and national level dance teachers. I have also personally conducted occasional “special event” workshops for adults in the community and with college students on campus, including a couple of weekend-long workshops for adults locally. Additionally, I have created and conducted several successful dance programs for public school children (including kindergarten; late elementary; and high school). I have also created and conducted many successful participatory dance events and classes for seniors in institutional care (including memory care) in Syracuse, New York, and regionally. During the past 20 years or so, I have gone to great effort to seek out and to take hundreds of hours of class directly from many of the worlds most renowned teachers of social dance, as well as from a number of competent local teachers. Likewise, during this 20-year period, I have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours viewing, studying and collecting VHS tapes, DVD training videos, and more recently viewing, studying and collecting, literally hundreds of dance and music teaching videos online, all in the singular pursuit of dance teaching excellence.


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Lynn Miller April 2019