Please Be Patient,
We’re Just Getting Started.
Clearly We Need Help

While we have a wealth of material, including curriculum, music, teaching videos as well as some creative and innovative approaches to teaching social dance, especially to children,  I am forced to admit that I am pretty much a novice when it comes to developing web pages. This all represents a pretty steep climb for me.

What I want, probably more than anything, is for this to be a community effort. I know that I personally, cannot possibly accomplish everything I want to accomplish all by myself.  So yeah,

Please contact me Lynn Miller  lynn.miller@swinginsyracuse.com if you’re willing to help develop this web site, or even if you just have some helpful ideas related to getting ourselves more organized more quickly. That kind of input would be very welcome.

Seeking Program Partners

I am looking for program partners, especially here at the very beginning, to help develop and help edit the program content for the site .

Long term, I would especially love to find a few “kids” (basically anyone under 50) who might be able and willing to carry the project forward into the future, well beyond anything  I personally might be able to initiate.

In the meantime let me  just offer a warm welcome to everyone.

Lynn Miller February 2023

promoting professional excellence in the teaching of social dance, at every level, in every context, where social dance is being taught