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Senior Citizen "Big Band" Swing Dance Parties
our most special, special event
Through this program, Lynn Miller, a Professional Swing Dance Teacher and Social Worker, along with a group of adult and youth volunteer dancer/helpers, bring "Swing" ~ Swing Music and Swing Dance ~ back to the generation who invented it in the 20's, 30's & 40's.
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  Volunteer Dancer/Helpers Needed

We need a few volunteer "dancer-helpers" willing to spend a little time engaging senior citizens in friendly conversation and "dancing" with them any way that they are able. The seniors love the music, they love the contact and they love the dancing. (We do get them dancing). You don稚 have to be a great dancer yourself, just willing to spend a little time with some folks who "Don't Get Around Much Any More"

471-1289 for details and to volunteer.


~ A big thank you to our many volunteers without you this program would not be possible ~

Senior Citizen "Big Band" Swing Dance Parties
our most special, special event
 Moving whatever you can 
 Always respectful of physical limitations, volunteers work hard to get a senior's direct participation, encouraging them to "dance" in any way they can. Often the "dancing" is limited to simply holding hands with a volunteer and keeping time with the music. A surprising number are willing (if not "determined"), to get on their feet and "cut a rug". It's not at all unusual for seniors literally, to get up from their wheel chairs to dance during these dance parties.  
 "Senior Citizen Swing Dance Parties" have been done successfully across a full range of senior care programs, up to and including "health related" and "Long Term Care" facilities". At whatever level of participation, the seniors and their families love the music (even singing along at times, to music familiar to them).............and they do love watching us dance.  
The real reason we do this . . . . . . . 
 Inevitably, once everyone gets "warmed up" a bit, the seniors begin sharing memories末they talk to us about their lives, how they used to dance and what it was like for them. Once in a while, they'll even "turn the tables" on us and begin teaching dance steps to us themselves. It's hard to find words to describe what a thrill it is when that happens. It is an incredibly rewarding experience for everyone involved. 
A Favorable Review:
 "The residents have opened up to this group in a very extraordinary way through the emotional memories, movements and music of their era. They are getting up and remembering the steps when some cannot remember their daughter's names. They are singing and laughing and 'buzzing' about the next visit..... "

L.  A. W., Adult Home Administrator