"Swingin' Syracuse"
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~ The purpose of this page is to introduce Lynn Miller ~
"Swingin Syracuse"
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"Dance does not come especially easily for me.
Understanding and accepting,
this challenge within myself,
I believe makes me a better teacher".

Lynn Miller

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Lynn Miller is a skilled teacher of movement and dance. He has been a student and teacher of both, for well over 30 years. During that time he has developed a wide range of successful educational, recreational and sport related programs for children, adults and families. He has (in the past), performed locally and regionally as a professional musician.

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"I have always loved music; I have always loved to dance.
Dance is about responding to ones passion. Without passion,
there is no dance, the dance is dead".

Professional Training

 B.S. in Movement & Psychology (Physical Education and Psychology) S.U.C. Brockport, 1973.
Masters Degrees in Social Work (MSW) and Educational Psychology S.U.N.Y. Albany, 1982.

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"My first swing dance lesson was when I was a young teenager, sometime in the late 1950's, with my mother, in the living room of our family home . Like most kids of that time, I was a great fan of American Band Stand. I realize now though, that Dick Clark did a lot to change Swing/Lindy, and not necessarily for the better".

Dance Training with some of the best Swing & Lindy Hop teachers is the world, including:

––Frankie Manning , Steven Mitchell, Bill Borgida, Lindy Hop
––Debbie Ramsey and Wesley Boz, West Coast Swing and Smooth Style Lindy
––Paul Overton and Sharon Ashe, Lindy Hop
––Michael & Mari Kiehm, West Coast Swing & Hustle.

…………..among others.

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"I don't see myself as an especially skilled dancer. I think I dance very well, at the level I dance and I have a lot of fun with my dancing. I think there are others, including some of my students (especially among the kids), who have the potential to be much better dancers than I will ever be.
What I take great pride in, is my teaching. I am (I think), a very good teacher".

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Contact Information

Lynn Miller
821 East Brighton Ave #1309
Syracuse, NY 1320

Electronic mail address


(315) 471-1289