Senior Citizen’s Dance Exercise Group
an "entry level" dance class for everyone

What We Will Teach: general rhythm and movement, relevant to a variety of styles of American Social Dance.

Who’s Invited: "novice" & "experienced dancers" alike. While all ages and ability levels are welcome (adults only please), this class is primarily for senior citizens.

Requirements: enthusiasm, a desire to learn new things and a willingness to help others learn.

Perhaps you’re someone who thinks they can’t dance. Maybe you’re someone who just has difficulty "finding the beat" and correctly coordinating your dance steps to the music.

Maybe you’re someone who just wants a little bit of exercise, on a regular basis, where you learn to move in a variety of fun ways to some interesting music.

If you fit any (or all) of these criteria, this class could be just what you’re looking for.

We will begin by teaching you a little about basic music structure. Then we teach you to recognize and move to, the basic beat in a range of music typically associated with Swing Dance/Jitterbug ––including Big Band Music, smooth jazz, rock & roll, rhythm and blues, oldies rock & roll, Latin, and country –– to name but a few.

We will introduce you to a variety of "entry level" steps useful for all forms of social dancing. You will find the skills you learn here to be very helpful should you decide to go on to formal dance classes, particularly in Swing or Ballroom.

If think you can’t dance (or you already know that you can), this class will help you find your rhythm and balance.

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