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~ Savoy Style Lindy Hop Basics ~

Classes at both levels, focus on strengthening lindy hop fundamentals: swing out; lindy circle; lindy Charleston; musicality, partner connection and simple sequences & routines.   
        Our primary focus is to help you develop a strong lindy hop foundation.

Lindy Hop+1 (Novice-Beginner): introduces lindy hop fundamentals (swing out,  lindy circle, and lindy Charleston) with variations and one or two simple lindy hop routines.

Lindy Hop+2 (Beginner/Advanced Beginner): more advanced Charleston variations including a strong focus on transitions steps for leaders to help you move smoothly between different segments of various Charleston routines; increased focus on musical awareness to help you respond to subtleties and nuances as well as hitting the more obvious breaks; strong emphasis on balance and partner connection and, lastly, more challenging routines and sequences.