Swing Dance Basics+3
when you care enough to "dance" your very best

Style: Swing/Lindy Hop

Target Group: adults and teens with a moderate degree of previous 6&8-Beat Swing/Lindy Hop Dance experience, who are dancing/practicing two or more times per week and desiring a higher level of challenge than that presented in Swing Dance

Basics Basics+2.

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner/Intermediate


  • 3-6 previous Swing Dance Basics (levels +1 & +2) 6-Week Classes, in the style we teach

  • The ability to consistently hear and dance to, a basic swing dance beat, across a range of musical styles; beginner level abilities to hear (and dance on) the "8"

  • Moderate level mastery of your own individual Basic 6 & 8-Beat Dancing; including a repertoire of basic moves and footwork variations

  • You must dance under control, within your own (and your partner’s) ability levels at all times.

  • You need to be able to consistently maintain a dynamic partner connection (strong lead/follow connection) throughout your dance

  • In addition to regular class attendance, you need to be dancing, practicing, and/or taking additional classes, several times a week to be successful in this class.

In "Basics+3", we "raise the bar" for beginner level dancers. Here you are presented with a stronger "work ethic", including a more intensive weekly group practice experience, and higher level requirements for greater "precision", to help polish your basic dance . You will be taught 6 & 8-Beat Basic footwork patterns with simple variations and practice integrating both 6 & 8-beat patterns into your dance routines.

You will learn about music structure, about hearing changes that occur within the music. As you learn to recognize these changes, you will find yourself (with increasing frequency), beginning to dance differently as a function of the changes in the music.

As the level of your individual dancing increases, so will the demand for a more consistent partner connection. There is considerable attention given at this level to creating and maintaining a strong partner connection throughout your dance, as you are taught to lead & follow increasingly complex moves.

If you are serious about your dancing, and desiring to dance very well at an advanced beginner level, this class is for you.

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