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Swing Dance: Basics+2
                beginner/advanced beginner

Dance Style: East Coast Swing, Jitterbug
Level: Beginner/Advanced Beginner
Target Group: Adults and Teens– "Casual" or "Serious"– dancers with some prior Swing
         Dance experience.


  • At least one (previous or concurrent), introductory (novice) level Swing Dance Class.

  • Consistent ability to hear and dance to a basic swing beat

  • Consistent control of your individual 6-Beat Dance through simple moves and turns

  • Basic lead/ follow abilities, consistently maintained through beginner level moves and turns.

In "Basics+2", you will be exposed to a somewhat more intense practice experience, one
necessary to helping you master skills learned in "Introduction to Swing Dance".

We will help you strengthen your connection to the music, while, at the same time, you work to
gain more control (mastery), of your own individual movement patterns. More attention is given
too, to strengthening your connection to your partner as we focus on maintaining a dynamic
partner connection throughout your dance.

You will also be taught simple sequences (moves and turns) to help you have fun with your dancing
both during class time and out into public. Several opportunities for group (dance) outings are
typically offered, to encourage you to take your dancing out into public and to help you connect to
the larger dance communities of Syracuse and Central New York.

Time Line

Individual progress will vary depending on attitude, aptitude, and motivation. You will receive lots
of individual attention, encouragement and ample practice time while you are allowed to progress
at your own pace.

Casual Dancers, individuals looking for a pleasant night out once a week, are welcomed here
and may choose to stay with this class indefinitely. More serious dancers, dancing and practicing
several times a week, will find this class a good "stepping stone course" and will likely progress
more rapidly.

The emphasis is on dancing very well, at a basic beginner level, before moving on
to higher level classes.

3-6 months is a good average length of time to spend in this class.

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