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"Getting Started In 6-Beat Swing"
Track #1:Beginning Swing Dance

Dance Style: East Coast Swing AKA "Jitterbug"
Target Group: Adults & Teens with little or no Swing Dance experience; anyone with previous Swing Dance experience wanting a very beginner level "refresher" course.
Prerequisite: basic rhythm & movement abilities.

The "Introduction to Swing Dance Basics" class is designed to help aspiring swing dancers get started with Basic 6-Beat Swing Dancing. The primary focus of this class is helping you more fully develop your individual basic rhythm & movement (dance) skills. At the same time we will teach you the basic moves and turns you need to start dancing out in public.

You will learn to hear and follow the basic swing dance beat. You will be taught a simple 6-beat footwork pattern that forms the basis for literally dozens of swing dance moves and turns. Once mastered, the simple basic dance steps you learn here will carry you well into "Advanced Beginner" level Swing and beyond.

As you begin to master you own individual dancing, you will be introduced to the basics of good partner connection (dancing with your partner "to" the music), necessary for enjoyable social partner dancing. The skills learned in this Basics Class provide a strong foundation for continuing in other styles of Swing Dancing (i.e. West Coast and Lindy Hop) as well as more advanced levels of East Coast/Jitterbug.

Time line

While your rate of progress will vary, depending on basic aptitude and motivation (how many nights a week you dance and how much time you are willing to spend practicing between classes), you should plan to continue in this class for from 1-6 months.

Many students progress to "Swing Dance: Basics +2" in as little as 4 weeks. Approximately half will move on after one six-week class, while others will need more time.

You will receive lots of individual attention and be allowed to progress at your own pace.


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