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Introducing Our New Project:
Teaching American Social Dance

Teaching American Social Dance     
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An Introduction to Teaching
American Social Dance
for all ages, for every ability level

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Shifting Gears

After 20 years, it is with mixed emotions that we are announcing we will no longer be offering regularly scheduled group classes to the general public. (We will however, continue to be available for privately arranged individual, couple and group classes and for special event presentations etc).

I want to take this moment, on behalf of both Sally Senecal and myself, to thank all of you who have supported us over the past 20 years by coming to our events (Swingin' AirForce; Minnie's Moochers; and of course the great Frankie Manning x3), for taking class from us; for helping with our Senior Citizen Swing program , our programs for public school students at Porter School, our Saturday night dances and so much more. You have enriched both our lives with so many blessing. Dance has brought us so much, and we hope the same has been true for all of you as well. Thank you!!

A New and Exciting Adventure

At the same time, I am happy to announce that I am transitioning to my next project, which will be developing programs to support individuals who themselves are interested in teaching social dance, in the public schools or in the broader community in general as professional dance educators. The box of links to your immediate left is just the beginning of what I hope will ultimately be a community effort to help make dance more accessible to everyone.

Please stay in touch (lemiller@twcny.rr.com), and let me know what you think. I'd love to hear from any of you,
any time.

Lynn Miller                  

Curriculum Project

 Our goal is to develop a comprehensive dance education program in "American Social Dance"
to meet national and state PK-12 standards for Dance Education in New York State public schools. Our goal is
better prepare public school teachers, as well as community based dance teachers, to teach social dance,
especially to children, and teens, but for adult students as well.

 We are seeking to recruit Professional Partners to assist in the development of pedagogy; curriculum; method-
ologies; and teaching materials in support of the dance curriculum program. This would include, but is not
limited to any of the following specialty areas: 

1.      curriculum specialists, especially those familiar with the "Curriculum & Assessment Guidance Document",
(a project of the New York State Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance)

2.      Individuals with a background in music education to help develop content specific to the teaching of music
theory basics
for dancers and for teachers of dance.

3.      Individuals with a background in movement education to help develop movement content specific to various 
music and dance genres;

4.      IT/Graphics/Audio-Video Literate individuals to help develop presentations, and to help transfer teaching
methodology to DVD and printed media.

5.      Individuals who would commit to carrying the program forward into the future
I have a wealth of teaching resources, including an extensive music library, audio and 
video equipment etc that I would love to turn over in its entirety to a group of committed individuals

As part of this program we also plan to develop a list of available resources (music; teaching content; finding
community partners etc) to help individual teachers and administrators develop True Dance Programs, beyond
just teaching a couple of dance classes every year as past of school based Physical Education Classes.

More than anything we want the project to be a community supported collaborative effort. If you're interested
in participating or if you would just like to be kept informed, please contact us through any of the contact
points listed below. Thank you!

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